Cachet provides business advisory and positioning services to business nationally. Our aim is to transform Business Performance, bringing a Strategic Perspective on Process Improvement and enabling Technology as per the business requirement to deliver Performance oriented tools for success. Our team blends domain experts and consultants, bringing unique capabilities to discover and resolve routine business concerns and long term business perspectives.

Our approach combines the analytical methods used by international consultants, along with pragmatism unique to a local perspective. Our team of partners working on a wide variety of diverse issues, throughout and across industries, has helped us to build a wealth of expertise in various markets dynamics. This ever-evolving knowledge base and insight is leveraged to provide clients with individualized solutions and informational requirements regardless of the domain.

We specialize in integrated marketing and corporate communications, including strategic planning, events, business advisory, Test Marketing, Market Research, Graphic Design, Advertising, Direct mail, Web services & Media Management Services.

Our services range cover both startups and helping mature businesses prepare for their next phase of growth.

  • 1) Developing a marketing strategy prototype & plan.
  • 2) Preparing a business plan.
  • 3) Corporate Identity.

Our Partners